You want a cloud that flexes to fit your growing business. As an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, Atlantic BT delivers and maintains custom cloud solutions for companies of all sizes—and we can do the same for you.

Essential Cloud Elements

How We Empower Your Cloud Strategy

Seamless Migration.

We take the pain out of cloud transitions, migrating critical systems without demands on your team.

Scalable Infrastructure.

We architect a flexible cloud that scales up resources at peak demand without overspending during off-peak periods.

Business Continuity.

We keep your operations running while we set up, test, and manage your cloud transition.

Hybrid Cloud Design.

We balance public and private cloud capabilities, giving you the agility to drive your business and the security to protect it.

Baltimore Radio

The Voice of Baltimore News

Atlantic BT Creates a Crisis-Proof Infrastructure for Baltimore News Station

The More You Know

Three Ways the Cloud Elevates Your Business


If you host IT systems and applications on your own cluster of servers, a sudden rush of user traffic could render your environment slow or unresponsive. A well-architected cloud gives you stability to handle unexpected demand.

Cost Control

If you depend on in-house resources for your computing needs, the cost of scaling up your IT capacity gets expensive. A flexible cloud solution allows you to elastically scale resources at any time, ensuring you never pay for servers you don’t need.


If you rely on email and manual file-sharing to communicate across your business, you’ll face a disadvantage from your hyper-connected competitors. Cloud-based document and data sharing applications equip your company with digital agility.

Getting Started with the Cloud

How to Choose, Design, and Implement Your Ideal Cloud

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