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Custom PHP Applications

Benefit from an open-source, flexible application.

The Why

Bring your software needs to life.

PHP is a very popular open-source programming language. It has been used to develop many open source applications such as Magento, WordPress, and Drupal. Benefits include a large support community with a variety of supported code that enables quick development, versatility across major web browsers and servers, and cheaper costs.

Our team is based in Raleigh, North Carolina not half-way across the world. The result is great communication and exceptional quality and velocity in the development or maintenance of your PHP applications. 

We work with a variety of frameworks and technologies. Staying up-to-date with certifications helps our team handle all types of projects in a range of industries. Our PHP work has included: third party integrations, Magento websites hosted on Amazon Web Services, Drupal, Laravel, WordPress, government projects, complex portal development, and more.

“You think you need an application but don’t know where to start.”
“You have an existing application that needs to be extended, secured, or managed.”
“You know exactly what you want and need someone to build and maintain it for you.”
“There is some disagreement in your organization on whether you can leverage existing software or need to build something custom.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Build, integrate, and secure your custom application.


We code with security in mind. We continually train and refine our code for security and are experienced with various cryptography techniques to secure sensitive data. In addition, our DevOps approach ensures there are no gaps between the application and the hosting layer where exploits may happen.


We leverage frameworks and components where possible to accelerate PHP application development. This means less coding, more bang for your buck, and increased velocity for delivering your application to users.

Smooth Deployments

We automate deployments and use continuous integration tools like Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Packer and CloudFormation to keep applications running and, ensuring success.

Easy integrations

Our developers are skilled at integrating PHP applications with software like Salesforce, Slack, Google Docs, ERP’s and more. If it has an API, we can integrate it with your application.

Simple Maintenance

Our developers engage in best practices including peer code reviews, unit testing, following OWASP Top 10 practices, and artifact management. These practices help ensure our code is built to be maintainable and secure, making future updates fast and easy.


Our PHP development solutions are built and hosted with performance and scalability in mind. We leverage Amazon Web Services to allow your web application to scale with your business.


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Application Feasibility Analysis

You can rely on our feasibility analysis if you haven’t decided whether a custom application is necessary, you don’t know what the ROI will be, or you might be able to extend an existing application.


Application Requirements Whiteboard

Wireflows are low-fidelity mockups that allow stakeholders to see how their application will function. This allows full collaboration of teams and ensures that all requirements are met as the application is developed.


Application Prototype Design

Want to see your application come to life quickly? Application prototyping brings it to life so you can see and feel how it will work before the code is written. Depending on the application size and complexity, prototyping may involve pieces of working functionality or simply static representations of functionality.


Application Wireflow Design

Bring all of your stakeholders into alignment with this whiteboard session with our experts. It’s collaborative and quickly gets everyone on your team aligned on the key features of the application and how the development can be phased to bring maximum value quickly.

PHP Development Case Studies

Close up of person in propper military wear
After Propper’s Magento 1 redesign proved successful, they turned to Atlantic BT for a Magento 2 upgrade to further streamline their business units.
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people looking at laptop screen
After branching off from Xerox, Conduent needed a partner to manage the DevOps environment of over 20 websites. Atlantic BT took the initiative to seamlessly bridge this gap.
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