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Custom .NET Applications

Build and scale custom web applications leveraging the .NET framework.

The Why

Expertise in .NET takes years to master.

Our team has cultivated that experience first-hand building, maintaining, and scaling custom .NET applications. We started with classic ASP and grew with Microsoft as they changed the framework over the years. We now leverage .NET core along with the full .NET framework and our tested SDLC to build mission-critical web applications. .NET is a popular choice for enterprise application development due to its sophistication and maturity. Let us take a look at what’s running your business.

“My application does not run well in modern cloud environments.”
“My application has bugs and issues when I deploy it to production causing downtime and loss.”
“I am worried about the security of my application and think I may be hacked.”
“I need to update my application and I don’t know where to begin.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

.NET application development that stands the test of time.


At Atlantic BT, we code with security in mind. We educate our team on security issues such as the OWASP Top 10, use role-based security with the ASP.NET Identity system, and are experienced with various cryptography techniques to secure sensitive data.


Because the .NET framework has support from Microsoft as well as a rich open source community, there are many components and third-party packages that our developers can leverage to increase efficiency. Less coding means saving time and money, ultimately boosting your ROI for web development projects.

Smooth Deployments

Atlantic BT uses TeamCity and Octopus Deploy to automate building, testing, and deploying .NET applications. By automating testing and deployments, we ensure they are both reliable and repeatable.

Easy integrations

Atlantic BT’s developers are skilled at integrating .NET applications with software like Salesforce, Slack, Google Docs, and more. If it has an API, we can integrate it with your application or we can build an API to facilitate the integration.

Simple Maintenance

Atlantic BT developers engage in best practices including peer code reviews and unit testing. These practices help ensure our code is built to be maintainable, making future updates easy and fast.


Our .NET development solutions are built and hosted with performance and scalability in mind. We leverage Amazon Web Services to allow your web application to scale with your business.

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Continuous Integration

We leverage team city to build and test our code.


Continuous Delivery

We deploy code when it hits the repository and passes all tests.


Serverless Architecture

We understand microservices and functions as a service.


Code Reviews

we can evaluate your code for complexity, security, and resilience.

Application Development Case Studies

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How do you rapidly turn a prototype into a scalable application? Atlantic BT built a leading healthcare provider's application from scratch using .NET, leading to an ongoing partnership.
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Using a proprietary software with limitations, CAHEC acquired a large backlog. They needed a partner to help them get organized and mold the software to fit their unique needs.
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