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Remove silos to build faster, secure, resilient applications.

The Why

Implement DevOps practices that work.

Create a culture of support and empathy between the developers and operations people running your applications. Remove the friction of application downtime, production misconfigurations, and blamestorming that comes from traditional software development and deployment practices.

“My production deployments often fail and require an extensive rollback window.”
“The configuration differences between our development and production environments cause outages.”
“Our monitoring breaks each time we deploy, leaving us in the dark until we get it fixed.”
“My developers and my operations teams are not aligned on business priorities.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Gain the momentum you crave.

We allow you to plug into our DevOps toolchain and gain momentum without having to build the DevOps culture from scratch. We can support your existing development teams and coach them on deployment automation, application telemetry, and feedback cycles that are fast and controlled. We leverage tools like Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Team City, Jenkins, and custom coding to create the solution that is right for your applications.


Make fast changes to your applications. Getting the right features in front of your customers quickly has never been more important.


Automate the processes so that they are repeatable. Allow applications to self-heal.


Infrastructure as code allows us to make sure security and configurations are protecting the application and infrastructure.


Leverage the same deployments to run 1 or 1000 instances of your application.

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Questions & Answers

What is the best web development framework?
Many people commonly ask “what is a framework in web development?” Web development frameworks can easily be confused with web development tools, languages, or parts of the web development stack (like PHP, Ruby, or Javascript).
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What is the best programming language for web development?
If there was one “best” programming language, then everything else would be obsolete. The reality is that there are so many different programming languages because there is no “best” language for any situation.
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How much does web development cost?
Web development can vary from a few hundred to millions of dollars depending on what is needed. You may simply need some changes to something that already exists, or you'd like to build a large or complex application.
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What is JavaScript used for in web development?
Historically speaking, JavaScript was only commonly but sparingly used in web development. The multiple browsers in use at the time each supported different versions of JavaScript and were slow to render more complex Javascript.
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What is React web development?
React is a popular JavaScript library. It is primarily used for building interactive user interfaces (UI).
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What is PHP web development?
PHP is a back end language primarily used for custom applications, content management systems (such as Wordpress), eCommerce engines (such as Magento), or even massive sites like Facebook.
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What is the best way to become a web developer?
We get lots of questions from university students working on projects -- How do I get into web development? How long does it take to learn? How much do web developers make?
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