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Application Architecture

Unifying business goals, technical expertise, best practices, and budget.

The Why

Architecture provides technical leadership.

We provide application architecture services throughout the full life cycle of a project. Reviewing existing applications and discussing business requirements during the sales process and project discovery yields high-level technical requirements and development approach. Throughout design and development, architecture provides technical leadership to further refine and verify implementation of the requirements. This architecture can extend from application features to platform architecture to AWS hosting architecture.

“My current business application is out of date, but our business can’t afford to lose any features or data.”
“My company has been using an off the shelf product for years (or have tried many over the years), but we now need something that fits us perfectly.”
“My company uses a variety of programs and websites, and I need these systems integrated to reduce manual work and human error.”
...just to name a few, of course.

Architecture Process

Building a solution that sets you up for success.

Business Requirements

The first step is to gather requirements and define which measures we will need to take. For example, how scalable, redundant, or fault-tolerant does your system need to be?

Platform Selection

We will help you determine which platform to use. Whether you need a Content Management System (CMS), eCommerce platform, or custom business application, we’ll provide a specific recommendation to meet those needs.

Determine Hosting Solution

Between data centers, cloud, and hybrid hosting; we will help architect servers and cloud capabilities that equip you for success.

Migration Strategy

We will build a plan to migrate your critical systems without slowing your business operations. Allow our AWS experts and developers to take the pressure off your team.

Dig Deeper

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Technical Audit

We review a system and document the features and/or integrations.


Requirements Matrix

We build a prioritized list of features for a project.


System Architecture Diagram

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System Interaction Diagram

A diagram combining user interactions, data, and AWS elements to provide a clear workflow of data.

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