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Application Development

Make technology a competitive advantage in your organization.

Our Expertise

Custom web applications and consulting

Our developers are certified and highly skilled in a multitude of programming languages, frameworks, and technology stacks. Furthermore, our SOC2 type 2, AWS, and cybersecurity partnerships empower us to handle projects in highly regulated industries.

We’ve been experts in software application development since 1998 . We have written and supported hundreds of applications from simple prototypes to enterprise applications supporting tens of thousands of users.

“My current development process is slow and expensive.”
“My application is unreliable. It frequently crashes and causes errors and my users are frustrated.”
“Users are complaining that my application is slow and difficult to use.”
“I have custom requirements and can’t find any software that will meet my organization’s needs.”
...just to name a few, of course.

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Application Development Services

How Atlantic BT Helps You

We transform your ideas into real results for your business.

Platform Agnostic

We look at what’s right for the application, now and in the future rather than what’s right for us.

Scalable Solutions

We build applications to be scalable using containers, serverless architecture, and denormalized data. We bring the latest thinking to your project.

Quality Software

We have our own QA teams integrated into our deployment process. We perform peer code reviews, automated testing, and functional tests to ensure software quality.

Ongoing Support

We don’t just build applications, we support them 24/7/365. If your application fails, our team jumps into action – often restoring performance before users are even aware an issue exists.


Our development and operations teams have been working and evangelizing DevOps since before it was cool. We believe it’s the only way to develop and deliver quality software efficiently and securely.


Security isn’t an afterthought for the infrastructure guys with us. Security is baked into software design and continually reinforced through testing and peer code review.


We have achieved SOC2 type 1 compliance and can work within external compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, and OWASP top ten. We understand governance models that ensure secure and compliant software and hosting.

Atlantic BT gave us more than a quick fix for our MDMembers portal. They were a true partner, helping us transform the way we handled our customers’ information and provide better service than ever.

Mike Forkner Web Services Management & Support at Mutual Drug