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Expand your audience and avoid lawsuits, make your website accessible to all.

Free Website Accessibility Audit

Accessibility Audit

Our free preliminary website accessibility audit includes both automated and manual testing, putting you on the path to widening your audience, promoting inclusivity in your organization, and avoiding discrimination or legal complications.

In this preliminary accessibility website audit, you’ll receive:

  • Large-scale scan for inaccessible code across your website.
  • In-depth accessibility review of up to 10 key web pages.
  • Recommendations to fix any accessibility issues.

The Process is Simple

  • Provide your contact information with the website you’d like us to review.
  • Collect the top URLs you’re concerned about (up to 10). For example, your home page, service/product pages, contact page, and other key landing pages.
  • One of our experts will reach out and confirm your options.
  • After our call, we’ll perform the website accessibility audit of those 10 pages at no cost to you, typically valued at over $1500.
  • Once completed we follow up with a call to discuss our initial findings and share our detailed accessibility audit report with recommendations.

Don’t get left behind.

Website accessibility needs to be a priority. If you’re struggling to take the first step, don’t waste any more time. Let Atlantic BT help you get started with our free website accessibility audit.

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