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Maris Hall

UX Designer


Maris Hall is a Raleigh native with a Bachelors of Graphic Design from NC State College of Design. She is passionate about creating thoughtful experiences for humans. At AtlanticBT, she combines an empathy for the user experience with her natural talent creating unique and delightful solutions. Maris believes design is a true superpower (with great power… and all that).

In her free time, Maris enjoys going to yoga, nerding out over everything from design trends to the latest superhero flick, and cuddling with her dog Casper. And yes, bad kerning does keep her up at night.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food
Favorite Team
NC State
Celebrity Look-Alike
Helen Mirren w/ pink hair
Favorite Read
Les Miserables
Cats or Dogs
Favorite Movie
Raising Arizona
The best way to predict you future is to create it.
Abraham Lincoln