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Jorma Pelto - Web Hosting Engineer

Jorma Pelto

Web Hosting Engineer


Jorma Pelto is a Web Hosting Engineer for Atlantic BT. It’s his job to build infrastructure, make sure everything’s running smoothly, and troubleshoot when they are not. Jorma also serves on the company’s Culture Club.

For his first place finishes in the 2016 ABT Summer Olympics, the 2017 ABT Summer Olympics, the 2017 ABT Murder Mystery, and the 2017 ABT Wars, those in House IT formally granted him the title Lord of Technology and Protector of the Internets. All of his various recent and super important accomplishments should also be mentioned, such as his Office Trivia Team’s first place finish and winning the Mario Kart Office Tournament Championship. DRY BOWSER IS SO DRY!

Jorma takes his son from place to place in his super-dope 2018 Honda Civic EX hatchback with the Android Autoplay and them broop-broop black rims. He can turn it on without being inside it because the coupe is robotic.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food
Favorite Team
Team Jacob
Celebrity Look-Alike
Young Brad Pitt
Favorite Read
Cats or Dogs
Favorite Movie
Fantastic Mr. Fox
So it goes