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Jessica Altvater

QA Engineer


Jessica finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Spending quality time with her family is my top priority, and I cherish every moment we share together. She has a passion for movies and TV series, often immersing herself in captivating stories on screen. Two of her absolute favorite shows are “The Flash” and “Loki.” “The Flash” never fails to captivate her with its thrilling storyline and exciting characters, while “Loki” intrigues her with its unique blend of wit and fantasy. Soccer holds a special place in her heart; She not only loves watching the games but also enjoys playing whenever she gets the chance. One of her greatest thrills comes from finding amazing deals and substantial savings – there’s something incredibly satisfying about budget finds. Christmas is her all-time favorite holiday, and I tend to go overboard with her enthusiasm for the season. She delights in both giving and receiving gifts, and her love for the holiday extends to the art of baking, filling the air with the sweet aroma of homemade treats.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food
A nice cup of coffee
Favorite Team
US Soccer
Celebrity Look-Alike
Kaley Cuoco
Favorite Read
The Nightingale
Cats or Dogs
Favorite Movie
Any Superhero Adventures