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James Robertson

Senior Drupal Developer


Born in Canada, James moved to SC when he was 12. He graduated from Presbyterian College in 2007, then pursued a masters in Journalism in 2008-2009. He worked at NatGeo for a year in Journalism and switched over to Developing fulltime in 2010. In Washington DC, he worked for many government contracts and in 2017 moved to North Carolina where he now works at ABT as a Drupal Developer. In his free time, James enjoys cooking, baking, home brewing, playing table top games, playing with his two kids, and watching tv/movies.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food
Favorite Team
Toronto Maple Leafs
Celebrity Look-Alike
A rugged Toby McGuire
Favorite Read
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Cats or Dogs
Favorite Movie
Scott Pilgrim
Don't Panic
Douglas Adams