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Erin Rabatin

Senior Project Manager


Erin was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – so she is a Pittsburgh sports fan through and through! After graduating from Texas A&M University, she moved to Baltimore to pursue a Master’s degree and work in the city. Erin eventually made her way to Raleigh a few years ago and is now a Project Manager at Atlantic BT! In her role here, she oversees projects from kickoff to completion, ensuring the client and ABT teams have everything they need to be successful and deliver high-quality products and features.

Outside of work, Erin is usually enjoying downtown Raleigh with her boyfriend and alaskan husky, dabbling in the sport of Triathlon, spending time with family, or adding more random hobbies to her repertoire.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food
Favorite Team
Favorite Read
Great Expectations
Cats or Dogs
Favorite Movie
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power
Abraham Lincoln