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Magento 2 Upgrade & Integrations

Custom eCommerce Application Creates New Business Opportunities


Taking a leader in tactical equipment from better to best

Despite being ahead of the game with their business model and products, Propper’s website lacked modern appeal and capabilities. As the company evolved from operating only as B2B to branching out to B2C, their site couldn’t keep up with increasing consumer needs.

The eCommerce platform they had employed was unreliable and difficult to manage. Propper’s site was not an accurate depiction of what the company provided and stood for. They were ready to lead the charge forward with an updated redesign.

By the Numbers


Revenue increase


Increase in conversion rate

The Challenge

Propper had a dated website that was losing user engagement. Not only was it suffering an older look and outdated UX, the eCommerce platform made it difficult to manage the website and online orders, hindering overall sales. The mobile experience was not satisfactory for customers, and they were losing out on B2C business. It was time to find a new framework that would support 2 business units and offer support to boost sales.

The Solution

As the results from a Magento 1 platform proved success, Propper decided to partner with ABT on a Magento 2 upgrade. Inventory was now easier to manage, as it was synced by merging ERP systems with Propper’s eCommerce store. Mobile capabilities were also added, nurturing Propper’s expanding customer outreach. A plan for the future was also put in place as the site’s infrastructure, built through Amazon Web Services, was enabled to autoscale infinitely. This provided consistent support for the site as it continued to grow, helping every aspect of the web domain to be stronger and more reliable.


Propper Case Study

A History of Dependability Guaranteed for the Future

Propper was now the proud owner of an accommodating and stalwart website that embodied the company’s core values and goals. After implementing new technology and design, Propper saw their site revenue increase by 80% and their conversion rate doubled. Instead of plateauing, this upward trend has remained consistent. Also proving to be consistent was the partnership developed between Propper and Atlantic BT. The teamwork remains ongoing, as ABT continues to assist Propper with marketing, analytics, security, and site improvement. Through positive communication, vision, and an investment in the long term success of Propper, a lasting partnership has thrived.

ABT doesn’t believe in vanishing once a project is complete as such re-designs never are if the goal is growth. Knowing that change is constant, ABT is dedicated to being a reliable source of knowledge and support for every part of the journey and beyond. Quality will always stand the test of time.

The Look of a Leader

Propper's new aesthetic reflects what the company stands for; consistency, clarity, and strength. A reliable, sharp user experience makes the site engaging. It embodies the trust their clients place in them to always provide the very best.
Propper - before redesign Propper - after redesign
before after

Updated eCommerce Platform

Migrating to Magento 2 meant organization, clarity, and a modern UX. Magento 2 also provided the benefits of a mobile-friendly UX and a streamlined platform for multiple business units.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

A strong mobile experience helped nurture Propper’s expanding customer outreach and helped them stay competitive with other eCommerce stores.

Streamlined Business Units

Combing Propper’s B2B and B2C storefronts with Magento 2 meant that both stores would work in tandem.

Updated UX

Product pages were designed with consumer habits in mind, informed by discovery work conducted by ABT from the beginning.

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