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Transforming the Digital Face of North Carolina Government


State of North Carolina Seeks Usable Website to Serve Its Citizens

Atlantic BT was brought in to help make North Carolina’s vision for the Digital Commons a reality. serves 9.9 million people in North Carolina, with 23% younger than 18 and 14% older than 65. As a wide range of users attempted to navigate, the link-heavy interface and discrepancies in navigation across different agencies frustrated visitors. The lack of cohesiveness often led visitors to call the agency office directly (instead of finding it online), wasting the time of state employees and taxpayers.

To make usable, Atlantic BT stepped in to create an intuitive interface using common language.

The outcome.


Lower bounce rate


More organic traffic and page views


Increase in mobile visits

The Challenge faced a crisis of usability. The homepage relied on a long list of links to various agency sites, making it hard for visitors to find what they needed. also lacked a cohesive digital experience. Because each agency managed its site in silos, users had to follow a new navigation whenever they opened a new agency page.

Atlantic BT was also tasked with providing better customer service via a predictable interface using common language. In addition, we needed to update functionality, create accessibility for all devices and for all audiences, and build a sustainable and maintainable platform.

The Solution

Atlantic BT brought experience to the table in navigating complex web projects – including coordination among multiple departments, a range of domains and subdomains, and tens of thousands of pages.

We reimagined using a user-centric content governance strategy and digital style guide to unify the look and feel of every agency page. The new used a streamlined, mobile-friendly sitemap that made it simple to find essential information across devices.

Enhanced UX With Navigation and New Content

We created a streamlined, digital face for, but also drew on persona research to create a flexible design system that would adapt to each agency’s needs. With a streamlined navigation, mobile-friendly sitemap, and a system for publishing new content; achieved a user-friendly structure.

Streamlined Navigation

We made a unified navigation of the website using a new Drupal framework which resolved immediate navigation pain points.

Mobile-Friendly Sitemap

We improved the overall user experience by testing and creating a mobile friendly sitemap.

Increased Traffic Through Content

With their new Drupal-based site, agency representatives are now able to create their own content to drive more organic traffic and improve page views per session exponentially.

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