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Martin Marietta Case Study
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Martin Marietta

Transforming the Digital Face of a Global Materials Supplier

For more than 50 years, Martin Marietta has provided heavy building materials for countless roads, bridges, and other essential infrastructure. However, Martin Marietta’s website did not reflect its global vision. To continue meeting the world’s building needs, Martin Marietta needed a new digital presence that would educate, empower, and engage its multinational customers.

Atlantic BT analyzed Martin Marietta’s business, using this insight to design a modern website which facilitated business growth through deeper user engagement.

The Challenge

A national supplier of aggregates and building materials, Martin Marietta lacked a web presence that reflected its global vision. was failing to educate and engage visitors, leading to a high bounce rate.

The Strategy

Atlantic BT dug into Martin Marietta’s business needs, then used this insight to reimagine the company’s homepage. We also created online tools to help customers find nearby facilities and estimate project requirements.

The Results

Atlantic BT’s redesign of achieved a 50% increase in new users and reduced the bounce rate by 30%. The new site locator and product calculator tools help Martin Marietta drive better deals.


Increase in website traffic


New leads in 6 months


Increase in new sessions
Visualizing Projects: High resolution pictures of Martin Marietta's projects helped emphasize their full capabilities and dedication to quality.

Research-Driven Design

We began with an end-to-end analysis of Martin Marietta’s business. After running persona workshops and stakeholder interviews, we had the insight needed to inform our design.

Development of New Features

To drive customer engagement with Martin Marietta’s brand and homepage, we created tools empowering visitors to locate the nearest supply sites and to estimate their materials needs for a future project.

Home Page Redesign

To emphasize the scope of Martin Marietta’s work, we used high resolution photographs of building sites and facilities.

Mobile Enablement

Usability tests helped us to refine the new homepage design and interactive tools, ensuring that these new elements worked well on mobile devices.

Building a Stronger Bridge

Martin Marietta's new site made a significant leap forward, demonstrating their dedication to keep pace with their modern users. Clarity and ease of use provided clients with direct access to the tools they needed and the answers they sought.
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