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MacGregor Case Study
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MacGregor Partners

Moving a breakout company to the front of the line.

MacGregor needed a website redesign centered around their newest software products, Logistics Toolbox and Folio. Both products needed a brand that spoke directly to what they offered and tied in seamlessly with what MacGregor had already established.

The Challenge

As MacGregor began to evolve from a supply chain consulting company to producing software of its own, it was clear their site would need an upgrade to reflect their expanding company vision. Their legacy site lacked focus and relied on dated content, which did not properly represent what MacGregor offered or the quality work they produced.

The Strategy

Now that it was clear where MacGregor wanted their users to go, enhanced navigation and restructured information architecture helped to elevate their website’s usability and message. Logistics Toolbox and Folio have both resonated with those in the supply chain landscape, proving to be efficient and beneficial. Users engaging with MacGregor’s website has increased, solidifying their status as a break-out company to watch. A partnership between Atlantic BT and MacGregor was established, proving that positive collaboration and creativity can help any vision reach new heights.

The Results

The new face of achieved a 38% lower bounce rate and a 6% increase in page views. As part of Atlantic BT’s partnership with the NC government, we will transform the state’s Secretary of State page and DevOps projects to improve efficiency and transparency.

By the Numbers


Increase in website traffic


Decrease in bounce rate


New brands to drive business
Introducing New Product Lines: See how Atlantic BT brought Logistics Toolbox and Folio to life.

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