The Challenge

  • Legacy website that was difficult to navigate
  • Need to differentiate new flagship products
  • Low brand awareness in supply chain industry

The Solution

  • Redesigned website with engaging content
  • Clearer navigation and information architecture
  • Increased focus on the new software products, now branded
  • Development and branding of Logistics Toolbox and Folio

The Results

22% Increase In Site Visitors
10% Increase In Web Sessions
2 New Brands

Atlantic BT Develops Unique Brands and Sharp Website Redesign

Prepare for Departure

The website redesign would be centered on the new software that Macgregor had developed. Both products needed a brand that spoke directly to what it offered and tied in seamlessly with what Macgregor had already established.

Logistics Toolbox, the new data analysis software, required supply chain research to fully understand what would resonate to those working in that field. The program’s ability to bring together unstructured data inspired the Atlantic BT team to create imagery and content based on the precision and clarity of mathematics.

The new documents software, which allowed personnel to sign and keep multiple documents in one secure collection, was approached from a different creative angle. With some naming inspiration from William Shakespeare’s first publication, Folio was born. With both Logistics Toolbox and Folio firmly established as their own unique entities, the new website had a strong foundation to be redesigned on.

Lacking Brand Visibility, Macgregor’s Site Seeks An Upgrade

Sure, the plane looks great, but can it fly?

As Macgregor began to evolve from a supply chain consulting company to producing software of its own, it was clear their site would need an upgrade to reflect their expanding company vision. Their legacy site lacked focus and relied on dated content, which did not properly represent what Macgregor offered or the quality work they produced.

The company was also developing two new software products, but these lacked the brand recognition that would truly allow them to shine. Turning both of the software programs into two strong pillars that the website could stand on was ideal. The goal was a cohesive and clear website that emphasized their new programs and their vision for the future.

Strong Products, Strong Website, Strong Performance

Cruising Altitude on a Non-stop Flight to Success


Now that it was clear where Macgregor wanted their users to go, enhanced navigation and restructured information architecture helped to elevate their website’s usability and message. Logistics Toolbox and Folio have both resonated with those in the supply chain landscape, proving to be efficient and beneficial. Users engaging with Macgregor’s website has increased, solidifying their status as a break-out company to watch. A partnership between Atlantic BT and Macgregor was established, proving that positive collaboration and creativity can help any vision reach new heights.

22% Increase In Site Visitors

10% Increase In Web Sessions

2 New Brands To Drive Business

“Macgregor is an example of an up-and-coming industry leader that needed a brand to align with their vision. Helping them craft unique messaging and brands for two software products—including one named after Shakespeare’s first folio—was one of the best things I’ve worked on at ABT.”

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