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Insurance agency Next.js React-based software upgrade

“For us, it is about dependability and reliability. The relationship with Atlantic BT started with the redevelopment of our proprietary Claims Management System. That relationship turned out exceptionally well and we knew we found a partner we’d be able to trust for the foreseeable future. We enjoy our relationship with Atlantic BT because they are knowledgeable and genuinely care about the well-being of our company.”

– Greg Lamarche, Owner

LaMarche Internal portal mockup

At a glance.

LaMarche Associates.

LaMarche Associates is an independent insurance adjusting firm handling first and third party property and casualty claims. Since 1989 they have been serving the New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and now also have offices in New York City, Upstate New York, and New Jersey. 



The ask.

In 2014, Atlantic BT custom-built an internal web portal allowing LaMarche to more efficiently manage their claims and accounting processes. After the launch, LaMarche executed an annual retainer contract, securing ABT as their maintenance and technical support partner. In 2022 they requested our assistance with moving their internal portal to a new web development framework. It was originally built with AngularJS and Zend Framework 2, which are now both obsolete platforms. If not modified, this “technical debt” can lead to security issues, slower loading interactions, and limitations for scalability. 

The solution.

Understanding LaMarche’s current limitations and future requirements, as well as our vast experience and knowledge in working with the large amount of development tools in today’s market, we were able to make the right recommendations for our client’s specific needs.  Our development team began by recreating the LaMarche portal on Next.js, which is an open-source web development framework that enables React-based web applications. A RESTful API on the Laravel PHP web application framework was used to build the backend of LaMarche’s portal.

The end result.

Once the updated technologies were in place, LaMarche recognized instant results. When it came to design, Google Material Design provided a more modern UI framework and improved the user experience overall. The Client site-routed SPA decreased page load times. Automated regression testing ensures that each user only has access to the features and pages approved by LaMarche. Next.js (based in React) allows for easier upkeep and ensures the platform remains efficient for years to come.

LaMarche internal web portal mockup