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React Single Page Application

Building a scalable Single Page Application for HaulMi.

Technology sets the foundation for market expansion.

HaulMi is a North Carolina-based startup that found a niche within the moving industry. The company had a vision to become the local go-to for mid-sized hauls. They wished to create a simple interface to connect people to movers in moments.

HaulMi’s primary goal was to be found by customers and expand their business beyond partnerships with retailers. In addition to entering the B2C market, they wanted to make the admin side of their business more efficient. Finally, they were looking for an affordable and scalable solution that would support business growth as they began launching marketing campaigns.

The challenge.

HaulMi needed a simple website that would help them expand into the B2C space, validate and establish their brand, and scale with the startup’s anticipated rapid growth. Furthermore, the website would need to create efficiency in their business model, as they were currently relying on a manual system and phone calls.

The results.

With a modern website design, built-in quote estimator, and custom AWS setup; HaulMi now has tools to scale their business with low hosting costs and an established brand presence.

Additionally, the streamlined quote estimation process reduces phone calls and manual work.

Unlocking opportunities for growth through design.

HaulMi was looking for some quick wins with design. Their new website would need to establish their presence as a growing brand and build trust in users looking for movers.

Atlantic BT modernized their existing design and helped set the basis to expand their brand. We added new colors that followed accessibility guidelines and created new illustration styles that HaulMi could build upon.

This simple brand refresh helped HaulMi feel comfortable spending marketing dollars to send new users to their website.

Building for scalability and low hosting costs.

Because of the website’s simplicity and need for a highly scalable architecture, Atlantic BT recommended building HaulMi’s website as a Single Page Application (SPA) in React. Atlantic BT additionally created a serverless architecture, combining AWS S3 file storage with AWS Lambda services.

This custom setup led to major cost savings. HaulMi pays less than $2/month in AWS hosting (including production, staging, and dev environments). Therefore, even with extremely high volumes of traffic, it is unlikely their hosting costs will ever exceed a few dollars per month.

The website provided a simple interface to a complex form and robust business logic.

A new, user-friendly website opened the doors to tap into the B2C market.

HaulMi’s new website was the first step in achieving their vision. They now have the tools they need to handle large volumes of inquiries, build brand authority, and continue to attract new users.

Key wins include boosted administrative efficiency, scalable and affordable hosting, and a design that is ready-for-market.

Affordable, Scalable Hosting: HaulMi’s website architecture set them up for affordable hosting, only costing $2/month in AWS.

Simplified User Experience: An easy-to-reach online form lets users quickly access moving estimates.

Increased Administrative Efficiency: Relying on an online quote estimator and checkout process helps HaulMi employees easily qualify leads, allows them to follow up with leads that didn’t agree to the estimate, and reduces phone call volume.

New Market Opportunities: A simplified process and way to connect to customers empowered HaulMi to expand into the B2C space.

Enhanced Brand Authority: An accessible website, modern look, and new brand guidelines set the foundation for a growing digital presence.

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