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Refreshing Edvance’s brand for enhanced accessibility


Edvance is a specialized member-benefit company dedicated to making higher education more affordable and accessible, particularly for non-traditional and underserved student populations. They collaborate with member-based organizations, such as unions, to provide significant educational benefits to members and their families. Edvance offers a fully managed service that includes enrollment support, program selection, and customized educational pathways, all delivered online. Their partnerships aim to expand access to in-demand educational programs and provide exclusive discounts, which can greatly reduce or even eliminate out-of-pocket costs for students​.

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Higher Ed

Edvance, formerly the Student Resource Center, sought assistance with its branding initiative. Our UX and Design team collaborated closely, developing a comprehensive branding strategy that included a fresh mood board, new logo, and detailed brand guidelines. This cohesive branding collateral gave Edvance a revitalized identity to represent their mission effectively.