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Compliant DevOps & Security Transformation

Modernizing a Disruptive FinTech Application

The Challenge

Constellation had been funded to develop a disruptive application to modernize FinTech for credit unions. This application needed a separation of development and operations responsibilities while maintaining the culture and benefits of DevOps. Constellation also needed to meet the stringent compliance needs of today’s modern credit unions.

Atlantic BT started by auditing the existing environments and documenting what the developers had started. We Quickly moved to AWS account segregation for development, staging, acceptance testing, and production stacks.

Our Solution

We utilized the right DevOps tools (CloudFormation, Ansible, TerraForm) to automate the deployment process and code promotion between environments. We applied the right security tools with a deep understanding of the AWS shared security model. We then created the right disaster recovery posture for a modern banking application. During this process, the developers were constantly working on changes and deploying the application to fit the business needs and provide customers with value. We also assisted with compliance audits and infrastructure hardening based on the scan and audit results.

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