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Scalable Drupal 8 Strategy & Development

Helping the City of Raleigh Build for the Future

The Challenge

The City of Raleigh needed a website that positioned Raleigh for the future – “to be adaptable, nimble, and poised to embrace new technology and new opportunities”. needed to showcase the city’s services and amenities by providing accessible information to residents, businesses, and visitors.

They relied on Atlantic BT for a series of projects to reach their goals:

  • Implementing a new Drupal 8 content management system.
  • Leveraging the Public Data initiative to implement data visualization (the final product can be seen by using the built-in search for

City of Raleigh Search

Architecting Drupal 8

Atlantic BT architected and implemented a robust, scalable, and secure Drupal 8 platform upon which to build the new website. We held workshops with their internal team to develop the user role and authentication model, as well as the content governance and workflow. We configured these elements into the platform to make system administration as efficient as possible.

We also performed a focus group with a Citizen’s Advisory Council meeting and performed a comprehensive Landscape Analysis of websites from cities of similar size, demographic, and growth patterns.

We then created a Taxonomy, Content, and Navigation plan and RFP structure recommendations to help them transition successfully into Phase 2 of their project.

By the end of Phase 1, Atlantic BT had delivered Hosting, CMS, User Authentication, Workflow and moderation, and Information Architecture Strategy (Taxonomy, Navigation, and Content Strategy). 

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