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.NET Application Support

Customizing a Proprietary .NET Solution to Meet Specified Needs


Accommodating CAHEC's Business Process With Technology

CAHEC has been helping to provide affordable housing in North Carolina and beyond since 1992. As the scope of their work grew, they had turned to a new software platform, originally built for another entity. However, the complex customization process of a proprietary software required more resources than anticipated. They needed a partner to help customize, update, and build new features to accommodate their business process.

What We Did


Hours of Work


Backlog Items Completed

The Challenge

As a conduit between multiple large and complicated industries, CAHEC needed a platform that could manage the regulations of each and organize every project’s needs in one, easy-to-access location. Custom software had already been acquired, but it now needed to be molded to specifically meet CAHEC’s needs. In order to process acquisition, property, and fund data, the software needed to undergo multiple changes and enhancements throughout its 200 application screens and 300 database tables.

The Solution

The Syndication Management Toolset (SMT) software being utilized by CAHEC was a complicated system. Working through the backlog and customizing SMT required focus, attention to detail, and strong communication. Atlantic BT provided the resources and guidance to craft a management system made to work for CAHEC. The teams collaborated to learn the intricacies of SMT and simultaneously solve problems they encountered. An open, clear, and consistent dialogue allowed the process to run effectively.

The Results

Now equipped with a strong, customized web application, CAHEC’s growing foundation could easily tackle bigger challenges. ABT helped to develop best practices for the technology, ensuring that the CAHEC team would always have the tools available to make the strongest decisions in the future. We also established a guide for working through the backlog, allowing for the continued betterment of the software. In less than a year, Atlantic BT and CAHEC oversaw 11 releases and completed more than 80 backlog items.

ABT helped to develop best practices for the technology, ensuring that the CAHEC team would always have the tools available to make the strongest decisions in the future.

Developing Structures That Last

As CAHEC continues to expand, the needs of the SMT software do as well. CAHEC was prepared, working alongside Atlantic BT to develop a plan for its natural evolution. Together, the teams determined resources and budget requirements for future work.

An efficient and customized internal development environment was built with CAHEC’s goals in mind. Audits, deployments, and backlog items were completed cleanly and quickly. CAHEC was set up for internal organization, making connections easier.  


Open and consistent communication propelled both teams forward towards success. Atlantic BT provided guidance and knowledge while crafting a plan that would allow CAHEC to manage their SMT software with confidence.


Atlantic BT’s front-end and .NET development teams optimized the SMT software for CAHEC’s purposes. This included the completion of 80 backlog items and 11 deployments.

Best Practices

Atlantic BT wrote a guide for CAHEC to refer to for future growth and expansion. The maintenance and utilization of the software was covered in detail. Long term plans were also included, putting CAHEC on track for continued success.  

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