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Magento Redesign & ERP Integration

Custom B2B Ecommerce Platform for Leading Facility Supplier


Bob Barker needed to overhaul their eCommerce strategy in order to engage loyal customers and help the company expand. The new designs needed to encapsulate the Bob Barker vision of customer service beyond expectations.  Atlantic BT architected a new, user-centric design for, solidifying their online presence.

What We Did


Increase in Visitor Sessions


Increase in New Users

The Challenge

As a leading supplier for detention facilities, the Bob Barker Company lacked a modern eCommerce page to engage its digital customers. Bob Barker relied on a patchwork system of third-party tools, making it difficult for customers to review past orders or find essential data.

The Solution

Atlantic BT unified Bob Barker’s eCommerce tools into a single platform that aligned the company’s servers and systems. The new used a Magento foundation for a richer and more engaging shopping experience.

A New eCommerce Page and a New Sales Record

Atlantic BT wanted to show Bob Barker the full potential of eCommerce to boost its sales and engage its customers. We began by learning more about Bob Barker’s company goals, who their customers were, and how these customers wanted to use the eCommerce site. This also meant discovering how transaction data flowed through the Bob Barker system, then documenting this process to better align the eCommerce solution with the company’s business model.

Magento Platform

Atlantic BT recognized Magento Enterprise as Bob Barker’s best option as an eCommerce platform, which made it possible to unify the company’s disparate third-party tools into one system. With the new interface, it became simple for customers to create, edit, and repeat large supply orders for their detention facilities.

WordPress Support

To support this new platform, we combined Bob Barker’s eCommerce site with a WordPress site for the company’s blog and news posts. This included a new Services section that detailed Bob Barker’s special programs for its detention center customers.

The Power to Consolidate and Organize

As Bob Barker managed thousands of orders of hundreds of different products, integrating Magento Enterprise with their Apprise ERP system simplified the management of their large eCommerce site.

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