Creating a Crisis-Proof Infrastructure for the Voice of Baltimore News

Providing reliable news reporting for more than 300,000 Marylanders, this radio station has been called the Voice of Baltimore News. Whether citizens are hunting for updates on the Baltimore Ravens’ season or breaking news on a city-wide crisis, the website for this news station is the first place they turn.

However, the site for this news station could not always keep up with demand. While typical traffic meant accommodating a few thousand visitors a day, major news breaks would drive thousands of visitors to the station’s site every minute. This kind of unpredictable traffic demanded a flexible infrastructure that could scale to keep the site responsive during a potential crisis. Atlantic BT helped make this infrastructure possible.

The Story

How to Architect a Scalable Infrastructure

The Challenge

Baltimore’s leading news station needed a stable online infrastructure that could handle sudden spikes in visitor traffic. Without a flexible and mobile-optimized site, citizens could face slow or unresponsive web pages during a crisis.

The Strategy

Atlantic BT architected a scalable cloud hosting environment on AWS, ensuring the news website would stay online during major news cycles. Atlantic BT redesigned the news website with a more responsive and mobile-friendly interface.

The Result

During the 2015 Baltimore riots, the news site’s flexible architecture was able to handle a 2000% increase in traffic and never experienced an interruption in its ability to deliver the news.

Imagine suddenly spiking your web traffic by 3,000 users in a matter of minutes. This Baltimore news station needed an infrastructure that could handle this accelerated demand.

Strategy & UX

The Best Solutions Begin with Analysis

By analyzing the news site’s existing structure and traffic patterns, we gained the insight we needed to design an online experience that fit how users interacted with the site.


The Strongest Infrastructure Is a Scalable One

Using insight from our traffic analysis, we architected a highly-scalable hosting solution based on an Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.

Content Management

Facilitating Faster and More Efficient News Reporting

We rebuilt the news station’s front-end and content management systems to make it easier to update the site and scale capacity during peak demand.

Mobile-First Approach

Making Mobile Our Primary Focus

In our redesign of the news station’s homepage, we needed to ensure citizens could get timely and reliable information on the move. This made it essential that the site be mobile-friendly.

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