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Aspiro Case Study

Doubling Admissions for an Adventure Therapy Company

How We Helped

Branding, Digital Strategies, Responsive Design, User Experience Design


Content Clarity Strengthens a Company of Empowerment With Aspiro

Aspiro was having an identity crisis. Knowing what content to prioritize, who the ideal audience would be, and how to best reach them was unclear. They also wanted to increase the number of online registrations for their programs. Clarity, efficiency, and a strong message needed to come together to take Aspiro’s website and company to the next level.

What We Did


Increase in admissions


Increase in traffic

The Challenge

As Aspiro continued to scale, they needed to overcome challenges on multiple fronts. From an
overall brand perspective, Aspiro needed to address how to highlight the uniqueness of each
program, while also highlighting the overarching brand. From a competitive landscape, they needed to differentiate as new Wilderness and Adventure Therapy organizations continued to enter the market.

The Solution

Atlantic BT consulted with Aspiro on a holistic Digital Strategy, addressing their business and technical requirements globally and, also, each of the unique programs that exist under the Aspiro umbrella. ABT leveraged our team of experts to address the challenges Aspiro is facing and provides a clear, concise and effective roadmap for continued success and return on investment in all of the Asprio digital properties.

Striving for Clarity: The new web design provided clarity for users, with clear information architecture and navigational paths.

Strong Foundation for a Satisfactory UX

We built a new user experience from the ground up, beginning with a clear information structure. We then performed user research to determine clear navigational paths and craft engaging messaging.

Clear Navigation

Rebuilding Aspiro’s website meant implementing a simple navigation and consistent message.

Information Architecture

We restructured Aspiro’s data, defining a clear taxonomy, streamlining IA, and building a new sitemap.

Research-Driven Messaging

We surveyed 3 groups – the general public, current Aspiro customers, and educational consultants – to craft targeted messaging.

Additional Projects