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Aspiro Content Clarity Strengthens a Company of Empowerment

Developed in 2005, Aspiro strove to provide therapy, treatment, and empowering experiences to youth in need. They understood these goals but were unsure about how to communicate and use them to define the company.


Lacking a Clear Message for a Strong Vision

Aspiro was having an identity crisis. Knowing what content to prioritize, who the ideal audience would be, and how to best reach them was unclear. They also wanted to increase the number of online registrations for their programs. Clarity, efficiency, and a strong message needed to come together to take Aspiro’s website and company to the next level.

Striving for Clarity: The new web design provided clarity for users, with clear information architecture and navigational paths.

The Challenge

In order to craft a message and brand that accurately expressed the vision of Aspiro and connected with the people who needed it most, Atlantic BT led research on the target demographics. We conducted surveys in three core areas; the general public, current Aspiro customers, and educational consultants. This helped us identify the primary messages that Aspiro needed to prioritize and communicate. These results would inform the content strategy as well as the website’s new structural design.

The Strategy

ABT worked with U.K. web design company Dollhouse Digital to rebuild Aspiro’s website, making it easier to navigate while conveying a message that encapsulated their mission. A new site map was put into place, site information architecture was streamlined, and the site’s taxonomy was defined more efficiently. We identified the proper content for each major page on the site using solid research, agile teamwork, and skillful communication. The result was a new structure and messaging interwoven to support each other on Aspiro’s new digital home.

The Results

Much like the self-realization journey of their students, Aspiro also teamed up with those they trusted to discover who they truly wanted to be and how to share that with others. Aspiro’s website, now easier to navigate and providing a glimpse of the experience the company had to offer, saw an increase in traffic and doubled online applications. Atlantic BT’s teamwork and insights proved thoughtfulness, creativity, and teamwork can elevate everyone involved.


Increase in online admissions from the new website, PPC, and social media advertising.


Increase in traffic from social media year over year.

Ernesto Frausto Aspiro came in with an open mind, willing to listen. It was a true partnership that reflected the Aspiro mission to help others, inspiring our work to share their vision. Data and Content Strategist  //  AtlanticBT

Strong Foundation for a Satisfactory UX

We built a new user experience from the ground up, beginning with a clear information structure. We then performed user research to determine clear navigational paths and craft engaging messaging.

Clear Navigation

Rebuilding Aspiro’s website meant implementing a simple navigation and consistent message.

Information Architecture

We restructured Aspiro’s data, defining a clear taxonomy, streamlining IA, and building a new sitemap.

Research-Driven Messaging

We surveyed 3 groups – the general public, current Aspiro customers, and educational consultants – to craft targeted messaging.

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