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Request for Proposal (RFP) Help

Do you need help developing an RFP? There are a huge number of organizations that are required to use an RFP process to guide their purchasing. The problem is that choosing a web development partner is not objective in the way that buying a commodity is. Selecting a web partner is highly subjective and creation of a well formed RFP that qualified firms can respond to is difficult.

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How can we help?

When requirements are not well defined or evolve throughout the project, the results of your typical web development RFP are inconsistent at best.

We get a lot of RFPs. Unfortunately not many of them are thorough or complete enough to actually guide a proper vendor/partner response. The results won’t allow you to adequately evaluate your options. We can help you to define your scope thoroughly enough so vendors can ask more pertinent questions and provide more accurate estimates.

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You know exactly what you need.

If you know you need to issue an RFP (or perhaps you’re already forming one up), let us know early. We can help guide you through the RFP design process. We know that sometimes means we are ineligible to respond to the RFP, but that’s ok. Our help can be invaluable to the ultimate success of your project.

You want some guidance.

We can help you get where you need to go! Here are the areas we can assist you in:  Developing and defining your needs, RFP authoring and input, RFP document review, reviewing and analysis of RFP responses.

You can also check out our Complex Planning Guide for some initial ideas.

Work with us.

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