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What we do

Annual Maintenance Contract

After partnering with Atlantic BT for a website redesign or software development project, many of our clients value our support and do not want it to end once the project has launched. They know that competing priorities and talent acquisition/retention will make managing their technology, with an internal team, extremely challenging. Thus, Atlantic BT becomes their strategic technology partner

Work with us.

Embrace innovation to drive new value for your organization. Let’s innovate something great together.


We maintain talent in all of the niche specialty areas required in today’s technologically driven environment. When you partner with us, we make our whole team of experts available in fractional quantities to deliver the best work. We’re responsible for keeping great talent and maintaining continuity of knowledge for the platforms we manage so you can focus on your core mission. 

We have all the roles necessary for developing and maintaining top digital platforms. 

  • Consultants/business analysts
  • Designers and usability/user experience (UX) experts
  • Front-end developers 
  • Software developers
  • Quality assurance (QA) experts
  • Hosting engineers


Most of our clients remain part of our family through an annual retainer contract. Many others have found us after learning they couldn’t effectively manage their website maintenance in-house. Even if we didn’t build the current version of your website or other software applications, executing a retainer contract with Atlantic BT still holds tons of value. 

Through our retainer services agreements, we’ll serve as your technology management partner handling the support, growth, and security of your new application or website.

Support Service

Ensure your team can effectively use your newly launched website or application. There’s always lots of small stuff that follows even the best planned launch. Getting these items done quickly drastically improves the success and adoption of your platform.

Growth Services

Ensure your applications are up-to-date with the most current technology. We start with an annual planning meeting (or as often as necessary) with your leadership to discuss how your needs are evolving and create a strategy to ensure your technology is also growing with them.

Security Services

Ensuring your applications are operating in a secure manner to protect your data and technology. We handle version upgrades, new plug-ins, and refactoring code to eliminate technical debt.