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AI Strategy & Practical Roadmap

Build a practical roadmap to integrate AI deeply, rapidly, and securely into your organization.

Comfort Monster AI practical Roadmap

Our AI Roadmap Process

Our team applies their intelligence, experience, and a proven framework to produce a clear step by step, custom, roadmap. Implementing AI in your organization, starts with the highest value, lowest effort opportunities, and yes, we also get some help from AI.

Stakeholder Interviews

We engage with key stakeholders to understand your business, team, and operational processes, setting the stage for AI integration.

Systems Inventory

We catalog your current systems and applications, focusing on their existing connectivity and integration capabilities, to understand the technological landscape of your business.

Department Interviews

By talking to different departments, we uncover pain points and areas for AI application, understanding how your employees allocate their time.

AI Readiness Research

We valuate each system in detail, assessing the quality of applications, platforms, and vendors, to determine how ready they are for AI integration.

Strategic Workflow Mapping

Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, we create a prioritized list of workflows. Collaborating closely with you, we refine this plan for the subsequent contextual inquiries, ensuring they are targeted and effective.

Contextual Inquiries

We conduct in-depth sessions to analyze employee and customer interactions, along with the systems in use, laying the groundwork for targeted AI solutions.

AI Readiness ResearchAI Readiness ResearchAI Readiness Research

Valuable Insights Along The Way

Alongside our comprehensive service offerings, you will receive a series of valuable artifacts that not only contribute to the final Practical AI Roadmap but also offer significant insights throughout the process. Each of these outputs is designed to provide you with deepened understanding and actionable insights, ensuring that the journey towards AI integration is as enlightening as it is result-oriented.

Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas helps us identify growth opportunities, pinpoint challenges, and align the project to our clients’ business needs. Our experts take those insights and transform them into an actionable strategy for the design and development of our clients’ software or website. With the Business Model Canvas, Atlantic Bt provides a dynamic framework that not only clarifies business strategy but also serves as a robust foundation for sustainable growth and success.

System Inventory

We catalog your applications and tools to identify which are more AI-capable.

User Personas

UX Personas are based on data from user interviews and surveys, and help designers and developers plan for a range of user needs and preferences. They are also used to understand user behavior and develop empathy for their target audience. By understanding who the user is, what their motivations are, and what their goals are, developers can tailor their design and UI decisions to best meet their user’s needs.

Prioritized Workflow Plan

Comparing the business value with the systems AI readiness for specific workflows, we determine a strategy for contextual inquiries.

Business Process Map

Business Process Mapping is a tool used to visualize, analyze, and improve the efficiency of various processes within an organization. It involves the documentation of each step in a particular business process, capturing the inputs, outputs, tasks, decisions, and interactions involved. The mapping process aims to provide a clear and comprehensive representation of how a process functions, highlighting potential bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas for optimization.

Your Practical AI Roadmap

The Practical AI Roadmap is your personalized guide to embracing the future with AI. Crafted from our deep dive into your business’s unique landscape, this roadmap is more than a strategic document; it’s a vision for transformation. It outlines a journey over the coming years, weaving AI into the fabric of your operations to unlock new efficiencies, smarter decision-making, and boundless innovation. Imagine a future where technology and human ingenuity align perfectly – that’s the destination we’re charting, together.

AI Won’t replace humans – but humans with AI will replace humans without AI.

Harvard Business Review

What We Believe

It’s important to agree on what AI should do (and shouldn’t).

We believe the purpose of AI is not to replace humans, and certainly not to threaten humanity. In the modern organization, AI should be used to reduce boring, unenjoyable workloads to unlock human potential and creativity. AI should be governed by humans and critical outputs monitored to ensure accuracy and ethics, especially for critical or customer facing workloads.

In our vision of AI, your people will be happier, you will outperform your market, and your bottom line will grow.

Unlocking Potential

Save millions of inefficiency gains.

$404B – Potential annual productivity lift in customer operations.

10% – Marketing annual productivity lift potential.

$485B – Productivity potential lift in software engineering

“By 2025, 30% of enterprises will have implemented an AI-augmented development and testing strategy, up from 5% in 2021.”

“The global artificial intelligence market […] is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030.”

“It’s important to provide workers with incentives to not just use the new technology but to use it to reimagine their jobs.”

Not sure where your project fits in?


We primarily work with organizations from $10M to $300M. The size and complexity of your organization will determine the timeframe and cost of our engagement. We don’t just push a button and send you a bill. Our team carefully engages with your organization following a proven framework to deliver a practical roadmap to maximize time, results, and value in your AI strategy.

  • Initial engagements generally center around $20k and will take 4–6 weeks to complete.
  • We recommend continuing our relationship with a small retainer so we can continue to update your roadmap as the organization, your market, and AI capabilities change. These retainers also vary by complexity, but $1k-2k/month is a good ballpark.