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User Personas

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User personas, or buying personas, are fictional characters created to represent the types of users who would interact with a website or product. Creating personas for each common website visitors is a powerful technique to help increase the usability of a website. Thus, it is a vital part of our UX design process.

UX Personas are based on data from user interviews and surveys, and help designers and developers plan for a range of user needs and preferences. They are also used to understand user behavior and develop empathy for their target audience. By understanding who the user is, what their motivations are, and what their goals are, developers can tailor their design and UI decisions to best meet their user’s needs.

Personas can also help teams decide what features to prioritize when developing a product or website. With a clear understanding of their users, teams can focus on creating an experience that maximizes user engagement and satisfaction. Ultimately, UX personas are a crucial part of any development and design process, helping to ensure that the end result is both useful and enjoyable.

First proposed in 1983 by pioneer software developer, Alan Cooper, well crafted user personas provide fictional but tangible people for discussions with clients and/or development teams.