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User Interviews

  • Ui User Interviews

User interviews can provide great insight into what users think about a website, software, or other application. They will highlight what content is memorable, what sections are most important to users, and can provide valuable insight into areas that need improvement.

Typically conducted in a one-on-one setting, the process follows a structured methodology. The interviewer prepares a number of topics to cover and then analyzes the conversation after the interview. UX researchers use the results to gather qualitative information on users’ feelings, motivations, behaviors and how they use a particular website or software.

Atlantic BT interviewed several of our website users before our own website overhaul project. Learn more about our process in this article, Why We Included User Interviews In Our Website Improvement And So Should You.

ABT uses Miro to organize our interview insights, providing great organization for use in further design and development steps.