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Usability Testing

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Usability testing is a cornerstone of user experience and a crucial step in Atlantic BT’s web and software development process. Usability testing is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall user-friendliness of a web site or application. Through this method, we gather valuable feedback directly from real users, allowing us to identify potential issues and areas for improvement. During usability testing, we carefully design scenarios and tasks that represent typical user interactions, observing how participants navigate through the application. By analyzing the test results, we gain actionable insights that drive iterative design enhancements, ensuring that our final products offer an exceptional user experience.

Many people believe that Usability Testing is expensive and time consuming, but it actually only requires 5 users from each user type to uncover the vast majority of errors that users encounter. We recommend usability testing in any stage of the software development cycle, to uncover usability problems and improve your website or application.