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Technical Audit

  • Ta Technical Audit

A technical audit is an important first step before embarking on a website redesign. It provides an evaluation of the current website, or other digital application, in order to gain an understanding of its health and performance.

During the audit, the team will review the website’s existing code, architecture, and platform looking for performance issues, security risks, and design problems. The results will help the design team to discover, document, and plan any customized web development needs for the website rebuild project. Understanding the current state of the site will allow the design team to create the best strategy for a delivering a refreshed website.

Technical audits tend to focus on things that aren’t always obvious to the user, but can still have a big impact on overall website performance. Examples include – webpage loading speed, URL structure, broken links, website accessibility. Similarly, a technical SEO audit is an analysis of the technical aspects of a website, specifically as it relates to search engine optimization. It ensures Google, as well as other search engines, can crawl, index and rank pages from your website.

To learn more about the different types of website audits and their benefits, check out Alantic BT’s article – What Should I Expect From a Website Audit?

A technical audit can take many forms, but when reviewing a WordPress site (as shown in the example above) it’s always important to review what plugins are installed and active.