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Requirements Matrix

  • Rm Requirements Matrix

A requirements matrix is an important tool used in the development of websites, software, and other technical projects. It’s a way to assess the level of effort, priority, and scope during the initial planning of a project. It also helps to ensure that all stakeholders are in agreement about the project requirements and approvals. 

The matrix outlines all the features of the project and the priority in regards to the client’s definition of success. It can be used in fixed-budget projects to determine features which fall in the current scope and others that can be added to the backlog for future feature development. It can also be used as a basis to estimate projects and determine a necessary budget. 

Either way it is used, a requirements matrix is the technical foundation for the design and development of a web project. As an example, check out Alantic BT’s free tool for how to develop a requirements worksheet for an eCommerce business.

Atlantic BT frequently uses Google Sheets during requirements gathering and brainstorming to indicate level of effort, importance, and scope.