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Affinity Map

  • Am Affinity Map

In the world of software engineering, creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience is paramount. To achieve this, designers often find themselves grappling with large volumes of mixed information and data. Affinity Mapping is a method of compiling and organizing data obtained from various research methods.

Affinity diagrams offer a valuable method to make sense of diverse information and organize it in a meaningful way. Affinity mapping can be used after User Interviews, Usability Testing and Stakeholder interviews, once information about your users has been gathered. This data is then organized into topics in order to visually identify data sets that have agreement. From this, recommendations are made to improve alignment in technical planning and UI design. Additionally, affinity maps can be leveraged to improve website user experience and web performance.

ABT uses Miro for taking the notes gathered in stakeholder and user interviews to uncover affinity and alignments.