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Web accessibility is the practice of making websites and web applications more accessible for people with disabilities. This includes creating content and interfaces accessible to users with a wide range of disabilities, from physical limitations to cognitive impairments. 

In particular, web accessibility standards focus on making sure that disabled users can access the same content and interact with the same interface as everyone else. It involves creating text alternatives for visual elements, making sure that color and contrast are properly adjusted for visually impaired users, and providing subtitles for audio content. It can also involve creating keyboard-accessible interfaces and making sure that screen readers are able to read content properly. This is also known by the acronym A11y, which stands for Accessibility 1-to-1. 

Web accessibility is an important part of creating an inclusive, accessible web for all.

The accessibility section of a RocketValidator scan summary. Identifying accessibility issues can be automated for some issues, but must be manual for others.