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Clickable Prototype

  • Cp Clickable Prototype

A clickable prototype is an interactive version of a UX wireframe. It’s used to simulate what a user would experience when using a product or service. It’s an important tool in the design and development process, as it helps to test and gather feedback on how users interact with the website or application. It’s also a great way for stakeholders to get an understanding of how a product works and what it looks like without having to write any code. 

Clickable prototypes are essential for visualizing user journeys and identifying any issues before the product is developed. They can also be used to collect user feedback, helping to ensure that the final product meets the user’s needs. In short, clickable prototypes are a powerful tool for testing and refining the user experience of a product.

A clickable prototype may or may not look similar to a complete website, and usually functions just enough to gauge usability of the plan.