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Our Process


This is the phase where we enter the “solution space,” where we look at how we can meet the organizational objectives and user needs that are defined in the discovery phase. Designers and system architects take the lead in design. This is when we finalize the features and functionality needed, the technical architecture of the solution. This is also where we provide a visual design concept and user workflows that will define the user experience on the website.

Designing the future.

UX/UI Design

UX stands for user experience, UI stands for user interface. When we’re building a visual design, it has to be more than beautiful, it has to be usable.

Elements we use

Design Inspiration & Analysis

Design inspiration and analysis kickstart the official design process, gathering client input on website vision, encompassing design elements and functionality.

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Concept Board

A concept board is a way to visually curate creative information in order to prepare for a new project.

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A wireframe is a visual plan of a website, allowing stakeholders to see its design and functionality before the full development process.

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Clickable Prototype

Clickable prototypes simulate user interactions, gathering feedback on UX wireframes. They aid in testing and refining the design and development process.

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High fidelity mockups in UI design and UX branding offer a digital representation of website layouts, aiding in visualizing and refining designs.

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Technical Design

While the visual elements are setting up your users for success, we also need to set up our developers for success.

Elements we use

Site Structure & Mapping

Site structure and redirect mapping are two key components of website development. Site structure is the way the content and pages of a website are organized.

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Data Design

Data design is the process of creating and managing a web schema, or structure, for a website’s content and databases.

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Architecture Diagram

An architecture diagram is a visual representation of a system’s components and their relationships.

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Migration Planning

Migration planning involves the process of identifying, designing, and testing a plan for transitioning from one system to another.

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