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DNS Management

  • Dns DNS Management

DNS (Domain Name System) Management is the process of ensuring that your website’s hostname (e.g. is associated with the correct IP address (e.g. Under the hood, the internet communicates through IP addresses, so domain names provide the user friendly way to visit websites. This process also allows your website to be located correctly by search engines and other web resources. 

In today’s cloud-based world, DNS Management is handled by providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS DNS Management provides an intuitive user interface for setting up and managing domains, subdomains, and hosting accounts. It also allows for failover and load balancing, so that if one server goes down, another can take its place. What’s more, DNS Management provides a secure connection to your website and ensures that any data or transactions are secure.

AWS Route 53 is one of many applications and services in which Atlantic BT’s cloud support team performs DNS Management