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Our Process – Phase Four


Once all the code is complete, the IT group takes the fore and leads the deployment process. Our expertise in DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code enables us to make the complex and challenging task of taking a complex website manageable and a smooth transition for users. The automation we leverage to deploy code also follows the best practice of planning for failure and creating environments that scale, self-heal and are secure. We limit human interaction with production environments to simply lessen the errors that can be introduced.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are essential for successful DevOps teams. CI enables developers to continuously merge code changes into a shared repository. CD is the practice of automatically pushing new code to servers as soon as it is ready.

DNS Management

DNS (Domain Name System) Management is the process of ensuring that your website’s hostname is associated with the correct IP address. 

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code is a way of managing your cloud architecture and hosting it in a reliable and repeatable way. 

Infrastructure Migration

Infrastructure migration is the process of moving an existing website, application, or system from its current hosting to an external cloud provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable infrastructure is a type of IT infrastructure that can grow and change according to your business’s needs. 

Secure Infrastructure

Secure infrastructure is a set of tools, technologies, and processes used to protect data and systems from external threats.

Security Monitoring

Web security monitoring is an important aspect of any website security plan. It involves keeping an eye on the web for threats and anomalies that could put your website and your data at risk.