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  • Re Retainer

A retainer contract with a web development agency is a bit like having a part-time, yet highly specialized, web team. Essentially, you reserve a set number of hours of the agency’s time each month, during which they tackle a variety of tasks for you—this could be regular website maintenance to ensure everything’s running without a hitch, rolling out updates to keep your site modern and secure, or developing new features that enhance user experience. It’s a flexible setup, allowing for routine check-ins and adjustments as well as more significant overhauls and improvements.

Under this arrangement, you don’t just get reactive support for when things go awry, such as unexpected bug fixes; you also gain proactive partners in maintaining and improving your digital presence. This agreement ensures that your website doesn’t just stay afloat but continues to evolve and improve, mirroring the growth and dynamism of your business. It’s an economical alternative to having a full-time web development staff, giving you access to professional expertise and peace of mind without the full-time investment.