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What makes YOU a good fit for Atlantic BT?

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We find the following characteristics to be strong indicators that clients will collaborate well with Atlantic BT to create highly successful projects. 

  • You want to be an engaged part of the process. We are experts in web solutions and consulting, but you are the experts in your business. That means we need to work closely with you to leverage your expertise for maximum effect.
  • You understand and appreciate team efforts. We find the collaboration of many minds across disciplines to be highly effective; this requires teamwork as a part of the process, from workshops in discovery all the way through to deployment.
  • You appreciate an analytical, data-driven approach to developing strategy. We always want to know what your business reality is, rather than making an assumption. This can be challenging, as it sometimes forces a re-examination of existing practices and policies, therefore, the next point is important:
  • You embrace being challenged. To be truly innovative, we have to challenge existing assumptions; change can be uncomfortable, but it is better to drive data-driven change than react to market changes later.
  • You have a continuous process improvement mindset. In today’s web environment and competitive marketplace, the only fixed truths are that change is constant and competition is fierce. A once-and-done approach will lead to a solution that could quickly become dated and ineffective. Instead, our most successful clients are constantly monitoring their key metrics, looking for opportunities, then leveraging new solutions for the opportunities they find. That done, the cycle repeats anew.

When you watch the Atlantic BT team in workshops, whiteboard sessions, and presentations, you can see all of the above in action. We are most excited by digging into understanding customer needs and providing innovative solutions. If you approach your business the same way, we’re eager to get started on our partnership.

How do we engage customers?

We are open to lots of flexible contractual engagements to help you with your digital initiatives. We want to work with companies that understand the value of their digital platforms and can measure the impact on their business.

What size company do we prefer to work with?

There is no specific size of company that we target, we work with individuals and small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

How do ABT’s costs compare to others in the industry?

Our costs are fair and we measure success by the value you get from our team. We are transparent with our billing practices and will report on where we are in the process.

We see clients as partners and are flexible to work within your needs – whether we need to pivot focus during a pandemic or feel that we can transition you to a partner who is a better fit.

What technologies does ABT focus on?

All of them! No really, we spend a fair amount of time looking at all the offerings whether it be an IaaS, PaaS, new framework etc. We may not be able to do the work in the technology we discover is the best fit for you, but that’s ok because we play well with others! 

Want to learn more?

Think you’d be a good fit? We’re happy to hear from you! Reach out for a free consultation and let’s get started on your digital journey.

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