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Wisdom Of Crowds BI Market Survey

BI Expert Howard Dresner

Wisdom of Crowds Survey
Every play tennis with someone two levels above you? Your game gets better fast. Gartner Fellow Howard Dresner is a serious Business Intelligence (BI) player. Here is how you become better informed about BI (and Internet marketing) by playing a quick set with Howard (i.e. taking his amazing Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Survey):

  • Understand Business Intelligence Scope And Reach
  • See BI Functional And Operational Layers
  • See BI Across Organization
  • Find New BI Trends

Not bad for a survey right?

Take Howard’s Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Survey

The BI Revolution – BI Scope And Reach
My spidey senses have been tingling for about a year on BI. Watching CRM (customer relationship management systems), CMS (content management systems), email and analytics (Google Analytics and Argyle Social) all scrum together we’ve reached out to Entrinsik’s Informer.  Informer’s agnostic, real time database coupling power is amazing and they are up the street from the Atlantic BT Center. Attending Entrinsik’s ICON 2012 was eye opening especially meeting Charles Barouch.

What impressed our management team was 1. We might NOT have to pay for expensive SaaS apps from other vendors and 2.We can create our own revenue generating “multi-touch” Saas (the later being much preferred over the former).

There is so much scope and reach when you start peeling back these layers. You want to sit by the pool and order a cool drink or do anything but dive through to what seems like a mess on top of a mess (state of tools eating tools). THEN you find Howard Dresner’s amazing Wisdom of Crowds survey and you GET IT.

Getting it or understanding how BI, Analtyics, CRM, CMS and email are all becoming one giant web is reinforced by Howard’s survey.  Sending Howard’s survey to my boss. How many surveys teach us more than we knew going in? Not many in my 30 year business career.

Howard is a Gartner Fellow. Gartner, a very cool and smart organization, and they don’t just hand Fellow titles to anyone. Howard Dresner is also a very nice man (not that genius and nice don’t go together). We don’t need Gartner to tell us about Howard’s liquid smarts. Anyone who creates a survey that helps understand evolving, dynamic concepts as complex as BI and Internet marketing better ROCKS as far as we are concerned.

So go TAKE HOWARD’S SURVEY since the survey phase is over soon, and be part of the “wisdom” in “wisdom of crowds” about business intelligence and, I would argue, Internet marketing or what Internet marketing is becoming (hint: Something NEW). Warning, you have to THINK to take Howard’s Wisdom of Crowds Survey and it took me about 15 minutes to complete (can’t wait to see my much smarter friends chiding me on Twitter for taking so long).

You know I am working on articles and a MEETUP about the many implications of Howard’s survey. In fact, those articles are already written but inside my brain and that is not a social network that exists yet (working on that too and yes, to my friends who are already tweeting this, scary).


Other touch point for Entrinsik Informer and Howard:

Infomer contact Sharon(at) or Yanni(at), PH: 888.703.0016, Entrinsik site

Howard Dresner site, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Thanks Howard. Amazing work! Can’t wait to see the 2012 Wisdom of Crowds report.

(R) of Wisdom of Crowds Market Study Survey, Howard Dresner

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