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Why it’s Safe to Invest in Outsourced Cyber Security

Cyber security, in the business world, is a lot like life insurance. Everyone acknowledges that they need it, but most people hate to think about it.
The topic brings up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. It forces business owners or executives to think about painful ‘what-if’ scenarios. No one enjoys spending time dwelling on the worst thing that could happen to their company. These thoughts might also involve digging into (or hearing about) technical details. Complicated, hard to understand technical details. Add in the fact that it takes time and money to close up cyber security issues and ta da! You have all the makings of a situation where it’s easier to procrastinate than it is to take action.
But, cyber security isn’t a topic to ignore. It needs to be a primary focus for your website maintenance. For the why and the how, let’s start at the top.

The Importance of Strong Cyber Security

The need for good cyber security has never been more necessary. Hardly a week goes by when we don’t hear about major hacks, data breaches, and leaks. Many Fortune 500 companies have fallen victim to hackers. So have an untold number of small and medium-sized businesses. No one is safe.
It isn’t only the prevalence of cyber crimes that are the problem. The costs associated with recovering from them can add up and faster than you think. The clean up after a hack can be expensive. You have to buy new hardware and software. There are emergency IT hours and extensive patching that will all affect your budget. On top of that, your brand will take a hit. Data breaches breed mistrust. Your business was unable to defend itself and protect user information. This hurts your credibility in the market. Your company could suffer long term problems in every area of your brand.
If you don’t have good cyber security procedures in place, you’re playing with fire.

Why You Should Look to an Outsourced Vendor

So, you accept that cyber security is a good investment. This is smart. What next? Where should you invest your resources? Many business owners will seek to hire an in-house IT professional. But, outsourcing could be a much better option.
An established web development or IT company offers many benefits. One being a team of seasoned professionals with various specialties. It might be burdensome to bring on a full-time employee whose sole job it is to keep your data safe. Instead, you could get a whole team of better qualified people looking after your systems, 24/7. Even better, their services will be at a much more affordable rate.
Outsourcing cyber security is particularly beneficial to businesses in very regulated industries. Government offices and companies that work in healthcare finance are good examples. An outsourced team will have direct expertise in these areas. Research, experience, and knowledge will help the team provide the best safeguard. All while complying with the many regulations at play. You can feel safe from hackers and legal battles. Finding an employee with that specific base of know how will most likely be a struggle. But you can gain everything you’re looking for and then some, in one outsourced team.

Let’s Make Your Website Safer Together

Want to ensure your data stays safe from hackers and thieves? Of course you do. Struggling with complicated industry requirements for compliance and confidentiality? Wait, there’s more? You’re also struggling with addressing these two needs via cyber security tactics?
Contact the Raleigh-based web development team at Atlantic BT today. We will be happy to give you the answers you need!

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