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Who Won Tech Toss II? The Children.

Sack Hurling Tournament Raises $500 for Charity

Thirst was quenched. Holes were corned. And more than $500 were raised to benefit two charities important to the ABT community: The Molly Ann Gries Foundation and the GoFundMe site for Kendall King’s son, Lincoln.

In the second coming of Tech Toss at Atlantic BT, we gathered our community together for cornhole and good times on the latest Thirsty Thursday.

After a steamy night of sack tossing, the ABT duo of Web Developers Joe Hope and Andrew Bartlett took first place for their team HOBART. They defeated the second place team of brothers Stewart and Jorma Pelto, who aptly called themselves Life of Pelto.

“Bartlett thinks he’s all big and bad, but he better watch out when I come back twice as tough for ABT Trivia Night on the next Thirsty Thursday,” Stewart said. Find out if Stewart’s vow of revenge will be fulfilled at the next Thirsty Thursday on July 14.

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