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What would UNICEF do with 25K Mobile Grant?

Mobile technology offers more than communication, it can save lives, literally.  At least that’s what UNICEF plans to do if they win our “Gives Back” 25K mobile grant.

Our 2nd Spotlight entry is the United Nations Children’s Fund, widely known as UNICEF, this global nonprofit helps youth around the world in the areas of health, education and basic needs.     Joseph Agoada, a member of the  technology & communications department at UNICEF, shared a wonderful initiative that, with our 25K mobile grant, could make the neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil safer, saving more lives.

Bureaucratic paralysis on the part of government to risks and hazards in the community has left much distrust and frustration throughout communities. One such area of concern is constant standing water in outlying areas of city slums.  Such water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry deadly Dengue fever.

UNICEF has created a program bringing Rio’s youth together with community, government and nonprofit leaders.  Training youth as community reporters, youth are equipped with mobile devices to report and tag stories and news via mobile GPS technology.   Reporting on unsafe environments, whether related to crime or mother nature, these youth have reported over 500 stories since the program began in 2011.

Just how quickly these stories are reported provides the greatest impact for saving lives.  Which is where Atlantic BT’s Mobile Grant comes in.    Check out our contest site for the full story on how UNICEF could save more lives with our mobile talent.

Today, mobile is about more than Angry Birds Apps and tagging your favorite song.  No, today mobile is about empowerment, education, employment and much more.

How will you better or even SAVE more lives using mobile?   You have 10 days left to tell us.
Remember – all 12 semi-finalists win a FREE mobile strategy session.  

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