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What is a Strategic Technology Partner?

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Companies today face all sorts of disruptions, but the most complex among them comes from technology assets. Even if you were clear about your organization’s systems and platforms just a few years ago, chances are that everything has changed since then. 

You may find that you’re spending more time keeping up with technology than you are on your core business functions, which will cause your business to suffer. Perhaps your workers are continually burned out because in addition to carrying out their core jobs, they are having to put out technology fires. 

Successful companies adapt to new technology changes in order to maintain their market presence, increase their market share and keep up with the competition. 

“Successful companies need to excel at blurring boundaries, taking a systems view rather than a mechanistic one, and embracing fluidity over fixed plans.” McKinsey & Company

If your organization is struggling it may be time to bring a strategic technology partner on board

What Does a Strategic Technology Partner Do?

Strategic technology advisory partners get to know your firm’s technology needs well, help you architect your technology strategy, and then use deep knowledge and experience to execute these strategies. 

They can help you with your existing technology footprint or guide you in building new transformation initiatives. They exist to help you achieve your business objectives, reduce risks, make life easier for your employees, and keep your company safe from cyber threats. They can also help you with insights on industry best practices, recommend new technology adoption or technology upgrades and even help host and maintain your critical technology. 

These partners – which are often managed services providers – already have relationships with companies that provide access to core and emerging technologies such as business process automation, HR management, and cloud-based operations. This can take the pressure off your own staff so they can focus on growing your business and meeting customer expectations. 

How Do You Choose a Strategic Technology Partner?

Not all managed services providers are alike. Some will specialize in your vertical industry, whether it’s insurance, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing or something else. Some will have their own data centers, and some will use other organizations’ data centers. By choosing one that aligns with your business, you will be in a better position to benefit from their wisdom regarding which platforms and applications will best serve your company, your operations, your employees, and your customers. 

Depending on your needs, you may wish to choose a firm that has significant expertise in an area your organization lacks: system integrations, for example, or web development, public cloud hosting, and content portal management. Whatever your business requires, a strategic technology partner can help guide you to the right solutions managed in the right way. 

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Atlantic BT is an award-winning technology firm located in Raleigh, NC. We offer enterprise web design, accessibility testing, learning management systems, IT consulting, software development, cybersecurity and cloud technology to help clients easily manage, secure, and scale their core technologies. We combine full service digital management with custom software development and technology solutions. Our awards stem from outstanding results in all aspects of digital, from UX design to modernizing applications. For more information, visit our website or call us at 919-518-0670 or send us a message to schedule some time to chat.

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