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December 23, 2009

What Did You Google?

Wondering which holiday terms were searched most often in Google last December? If you guessed ‘Christmas Tree’ or ‘Christmas Music’, you are correct! Internet users (in the US) searched both terms more than 11 million times each in December of 2008.

  • #1 Christmas Tree (11,100,000)
  • #1 Christmas Music (11,100,000)
  • #2 Santa Claus (6,120,000)
  • #3 Christmas Cards (4,090,000)
  • #4 Christmas Gifts (3,350,000)
  • #5 Christmas Decorations (1,830,000)


Surprisingly, ‘regifting’ was not in the top five.

We were also surprised that ‘Aunt Vivian’s Fruitcake Recipe’ did not make the list either.

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