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April 26, 2012

West Coast Judges Represent in “Gives Back” Contest

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Based on our early submissions, nonprofit leaders are passionate and energized about mobile changing the world.  They don’t have to sell us on it, we know mobile technology, while the delivery mechanism, is really about reaching and engaging PEOPLE as Seth Godin so eloquently said just this morning.

Meet Our Final 3 Judges 

We’ve selected 6 independent judges who are experts in various areas of the nonprofit sector to select the top 12 semi-finalists. You’ve met our first three, now meet our remaining judges, all hailing from our Country’s west coast.

Beth Ann Locke "It's all about Relationships"

Representing Seattle, WA, Beth Ann Locke has been working for and consulting with nonprofits for over 15 years.  Her philosophy of creating and strengthening relationships with individuals to create sustainable fundraising programs is a perfect match in how mobile engagement is where it starts, then ENDS with fundraising.  Her expertise with major gift donors, advocacy and smaller gifts respondents, individuals within corporations, foundations and other agencies provides a unique yet critical perspective into how mobile delivers improved fundraising results, regardless of type or size.  Beth also offers up great book reviews – she’s happy to hear from you on twitter @fundraiserbeth




Frank Barry - Blackbaud


Frank Barry, based in sunny San Diego, is the Director of Digital Marketing at Blackbaud and primary blogger at NetWitsThinkTank, helping nonprofits use the internet for digital communication, social media and fundraising.   He’s worked with various well-known organizations including LIVESTRONG, American Heart Association & Big Brothers Big Sisters, to name a few.  He’s also dialed into national industry conferences such as SXSW, NTC & BBCon.  His video interviews are worth a peak.  Say hi on twitter – @franswaa


Erica Mills - Claxon

Finally, Erica Mills, Principal at Claxon, is a self-prescribed serial social entrepreneur, avid writer and lecturer at University of Washington.  She consults with nonprofits, focused on consistent messaging and brand personality. Marketing & messaging mojo is a guarantee when you work with Erica.  Her insight in these areas will be invaluable when considering how to fully execute a mobile strategy and fully understand how mobile marketing can drive results for various missions. She tweets too, find her – @ericamills





Alone, individuals cannot make nearly the impact of a team.   We recognize this truth at Atlantic BT and appreciate all our “Gives Back” Contest Judges:  Beth, Frank, Erica, Geoff, Joe and Ephraim.  Here’s to an amazing journey of discovery, educating and learning on how mobile strategy, marketing and technology can be, in the words of Untether.TV, the world’s greatest equalizer.

How can you educate, inspire and engage people for your cause? Phone lines are open! 😉

capabilities covered
Amazon Web Services

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