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Common pain points and solutions in web development.

“My web development process is slow and pricy.”

“My application is unreliable. It crashes constantly.”

“My website is slow and users are complaining.”

“My CMS is limiting things we need our website to do.”

These are just a few examples of problems our customers have expressed to us. Many times, we work with customers to recommend new technologies, expand functionalities of their existing website, or do the research necessary to enhance UX.

An overview of some of our web development projects.

Our Raleigh-based website development company has been around for over 20 years. We’ve tackled all sorts of projects, from WordPress websites to custom .NET applications complying with strict cybersecurity guidelines. Take a look at some of Atlantic BT’s top web development projects and learn more about our problem-solving methods. 

Customization to expand the functionality of WordPress.

Conduent had several business lines and were ready to ramp up marketing campaigns for these segments. The problem was, their WordPress website was built with a page builder plugin. This editing interface had limited templates, making the landing page creation process up to 3 weeks long. They relied on agency support, creating complicated feedback loops and some lag time.

Atlantic BT was able to step in with a solution to reconstruct the editor. We built a new editing interface that empowered employees to easily create landing pages. This meant creating a page based off a template, then selecting components to complete a page layout.

The new flexible editor meant reduced spend in agency dollars (to reallocate towards marketing campaigns) and reduced turnaround time in creating new pages.

Building a custom application for a university.

North Carolina State University summarized course offerings in a syllabus application. The university needed to find a way to standardize syllabus management for faculty and make it easier for students to review. 

Atlantic BT worked closely with the NCSU development team to architect a solution. The chosen JSON-based configuration method would provide the desired flexibility and ease of configuration. Paper testing a prototype proved the design was a success.

Customizing a proprietary .NET application.

CAHEC, an organization helping to provide affordable housing in NC, relied on a proprietary .NET application with limited functionality. They needed a partner to help customize, update, and build new features to accommodate their business process.

Atlantic BT was able to step in and collaborate with their .NET development team. Together, we were able to enhance their software, clear their backlog, and create needed functionalities.

Building complex eCommerce functionality in Magento.

Bob Barker, a leading supplier for detention facilities, relied on a patchwork system of third-party tools, making it difficult for customers to review past orders or find essential data.

Atlantic BT recognized Magento Enterprise as Bob Barker’s best option as an eCommerce platform. We were able to unify systems, allowing them to manage inventory and update their website in a single place.

See more client success stories.

If you’re interested in learning more about our client projects, browse our work to see the many challenges we’ve helped solve.

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